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So much to do in Kommetjie!

Charming little oceanside village...

It’s name means “little bowl” for the circular, bowl-like basin called “Die Kom” that this charming little oceanside village sits in, but there’s a lot more to Kommetjie than just a quaint name!

It’s one of Cape Town’s most sought after surfing and kite surfing destinations and offers world-class windsurfing in the waves off Long Beach. In fact, there’s one of the biggest drops in the entire Cape pensinsula just off shore!

Kommetjie is also home to history, with one of the tallest cast iron lighthouses left in the country – Slangkoppunt Lighthouse. You can take a tour of the site and climb to the top of the lighthouse to get amazing views over Hout Bay and the Cape Point nature reserve. And the wreck of the SS Kakapo is another historic hotspot. This 665-ton schooner rigged steamship floundered on the treacherous rocks on 25 May 1900 after mistaking Chapman’s Peak for Cape Point. What’s left of her hull can now be seen on the beach.

Another great drawcard for visitors to this lovely little village is Imhoff Farm, up on the Kommetjie Road. With amazing views, first-rate food and a range of fresh, organic produce, shops, beach rides and animal encounters, including a traditional farmyard and snake park, this historic Cape farmstead is one of the most popular tourist spots around.

Also try Mashiphumelele where you can enjoy an interactive walk-in township tour and Ocean View where walking tours can be arranged through this vibrant fishing community.

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